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Hesperus is a program intended for processing and 2D-3D visualization of data matrices (digital images). The field of application of this program is scientific research and education, processing data obtained with medical or astronomical instruments, geophysical, optical and radar data, data of math modeling and so forth. Hesperus is intended for  Windows 95/98TradeMark_Black.gif (854 bytes) , Windows NT/2000TradeMark_Black.gif (854 bytes), and Windows ME.

The program has the following features:

  • Working with data matrices of any type (integer, float, complex).

  • Fast processing and visualization of large data files.

  • Displaying data matrices as 2D images, tables and 3D surfaces.

  • Powerful tools for color mapping in viewer.

  • Convenient tool for manipulating 3D surfaces (viewing at different angles, color and lighting modification).

  • An ability to map an arbitrary RGB texture on a 3D surface (for example you can map an aerial photograph on the altitude grid).

  • Filtration, interpolation and transformation of datum matrices.

  • Texture and spectrum analysis.

  • Many tools for data manipulations.

  • Support of custom coordinates systems.

  • Tools for processing of radar data (including processing data in CEOS format).

  • Full multitasking support, simultaneous execution of several processing jobs.

  • API for Visual C++ и Win32 developers.

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qtXView qtXView



qtXView is a software library that allows your C++ program, written for XView and for Unix, compile and run it under Win32.

This library automatically translates XView calls into Win32 API calls, so your XView application looks as a native Win32 application. There is no need to change source code!

qtXView works in Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and uses some components of the QT multi-platform library from Trolltech AS. So it is necessary to install this library on your computer.

qtXView also accepts some XWindow calls. If you use the unrealized functions from XWindow you can write us and enumerate required ones.

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