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Hesperus Hesperus
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The Hesperus program is being distributed as Shareware and will work for 30 days after installation date, then you should register your copy. You can use our technical support after the registration.

Download HSetup.exe and run it.

Title Version Size Creation date
Hesperus English
Download by www from server:
v 3.0 beta English 4.21 Mb 20 Jun 2001
Hesperus Russian
Download by www from servers:
v 3.0 beta Russian 4.25 Mb 20 Jun 2001

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qtXView qtXView

The qtXView library is being distributed as Freeware. You can use it anytime for any purpose.

Download qtXView.exe and run it. You must also download and install QT library from Trolltech AC.

Title Version Size Creation date
Download by www from server:
v 1.0 984 kb 14 Aug 2001
QT Non-commercial Edition
Download by www from server:

Download by ftp from server:
v 2.3.0 10.3 Mb
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